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Cleansing Care

Because the skin acts as a protection against external aggressions, cleansing is the first step to adopt in your beauty routine.


Daily Care

Everyday, the skin needs to be protected against aggressions such as pollution and weather conditions. Daily treatments protect the skin and strengthen the tissue structure.

phyts-4Anti-aging Care

As skin ages, it starts loosing its elasticity and firmness and needs to be more protected and rehydrated. In order to compensate these deficiencies, PHYT’S offer a wide range of treatments adapted to first signs of aging and mature skins.

phyts-5Hydrating Care

All skin types, at any age, need instant and efficient hydration. Moisturizing is an essential preventing gesture, and provides well-being. To gain comfort and radiance, PHYT’S has created AQUA PHYT’s, an entire range dedicated to moisturization.

phyts-3Oxygenating Care

Faced with daily aggressions, (stress, pollution, free radicals, UV rays…), the skin is tired, dull and lackluster. Thanks to chlorophyll extract, oxygenating cares provide a radiant and luminous complexion.

Phyt's Balancing Care

Balancing Care

Skin disorders, excess sebum, oily skin types often need balance and purity. PHYT’S offers an adapted range of care treatments to protect and balance the skin and fight minor imperfections.

Phyt's Men's Care

Men’s Care

Subject to razor burn, ingrown hairs and daily environmental aggressions, men’s skin requires specific treatments. LABORATOIRES PHYT’S have developed PHYT’S MEN, a range of organic certified treatments, 100% of natural origin, made specifically for men.

Qualite Francecosmetique-bio-charte-cosmebioQualite-France SAS is recognized by COSMEBIO as one of the most advanced Cosmetic certifying agencies in the field.
No Synthetic Colourant • No Preservatives • No Paraben • No Phenoxyethanol • No PEG • No GMO • Not tested on animals